Track Record & Historical Performance of my own capital

My investment style was skewed towards small and micro caps till I turned full time investment manager in 2019. Then onward my style has been market cap agnostic.

The external capital I manage is a multi cap approach because I believe it is a more durable and responsible way of managing other people’s money in India. This approach may underperform a small cap portfolio during a roaring bull run but there is always a price to pay for risk management.

The performance will be updated at the end of each quarter going forward. I cannot think of a better way of ensuring transparency than to put up the historical performance of my own capital.

Multi cap approach historical performance (Dec 10, 2022)

Disclaimer: Past performance is not to be extrapolated, it is not an indicator of future returns. There is no assurance of positive returns in equity investing, please tread cautiously and invest only after understanding all risks.

This is an effort to provide data on what the historical performance of the specific approach has been over the time period indicated. This is my own capital invested as per the approach.

The Portfolio NAV is reported post fee while the NIFTY50 and S&P BSE 500 NAV is without any fee being considered